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Not only does a magic cave look like a teepee, it's also pretty much useless as protection.
(2) Comments
  • 12th May 2012 by Anon
    It took half the film to show how sad one character was, then the other half to show how her sadness made her sister sad.
  • 26th April 2012 by NateSean
    The alternative was teaching junior how to kiss his ass good bye. It probably would have taken logner too.
Hunger Games, The
You'll never know the name of "Foxface."
(2) Comments
  • 15th April 2012 by Anon
  • 15th April 2012 by UsernameTed
    Or Seneca Crane, or Effie Trinket or President Snow or anyone really. The only name non-readers (those who only have seen the movie) hold onto is that of Ceasar Flickerman because he's so prominently mentioned.
Hunger Games, The
You call that a kiss?
(1) Comments
  • 11th April 2012 by Anon
    I don't think the people who voted this down read the note Haymitch sent with the medicine when Katniss and Peeta were in the cave.
Hunger Games, The
Killing a person is just like killing an animal.
(2) Comments
  • 1st April 2012 by Anon
  • 26th March 2012 by bourbonphantom
    Except for the screams sounding a little different.
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011), The
"Sometimes he performed cunnilingus. Not often enough, in my opinion."
(2) Comments
  • 28th January 2012 by Anon
  • 28th January 2012 by bourbonphantom
    You're quoting all women everywhere, right?
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Shave your legs before you have sex.
(2) Comments
  • 4th December 2011 by Anon
    Only the legs.
  • 2nd December 2011 by twilightfan
    Only the legs???
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Because Edward once brutally ate murderers and other criminals, he's someone of great courage and love.
(2) Comments
  • 4th December 2011 by Anon
    I think they were just adding in things they forgot to add in a previous movie.
  • 2nd December 2011 by twilightfan
    i really didn't understand that scene. What was that for?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
These movies are about Neville Longbottom. You're lying to yourself if you think otherwise.
(2) Comments
  • 28th July 2011 by Andershp
    Especially since all the name of the films are Harry Potter and... Why wouldn't they be about Longbottom?
  • 24th July 2011 by Anon
    The first movie was on TV last night. I was reminded that Neville's 10 points were what tipped Gryffindor into winning the house cup. It all started from there . . .
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
You might be breathing in bits of Voldemort right now. Gross.
(1) Comments
  • 15th July 2011 by Anon
In the time it takes a van to fall off a bridge into a river, you can storm a snowy mountain hospital, taking out all Projections and everything.
(4) Comments
  • 26th March 2012 by NateSean
    The did kind of explain that time moves differently in dreams the further down the levels you go.
  • 26th September 2011 by wildmorgan
    Not when it's spelled like that anyway...
  • 13th July 2011 by Anon
    You obviously don't understand humor.
  • 31st May 2011 by wahle509
    You obviously didn't understand the movie.
Bad Teacher
A $5700 bonus is a good incentive to teach good.
(4) Comments
  • 12th July 2011 by Anon
    By the way, you need to capitalize the first word of a sentence, you need a period after "well," and you need a comma after "Apparently," mollyemm. Maybe your teachers didn't get offered a bonus either?
  • 12th July 2011 by Anon
    It is a bit redundant, but redundancy gets the point across!
  • 11th July 2011 by Carmiguez
    That was the point! Duh!
  • 1st July 2011 by mollyemm
    teach well* Apparently your teachers were not offered $5700...
Bad Teacher
"To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Animal Farm" are good books to be on a seventh grade reading list.
(2) Comments
  • 12th July 2011 by Anon
    Yeah I think I read those my Junior year of high school.
  • 26th June 2011 by Sassy
    Exactly lol I didn't read those until I was in high school. Funny movie tho
A woman in an Islamic country will have no trouble traveling alone with her hair visible.
(3) Comments
  • 6th June 2012 by Eibhlinn Savage
    Morocco is a lot freer than Iran or Saudi Arabia. I have a friend from there. She never covers her hair when she's over there, nor do most women in her family, particularly not the younger generations.
  • 10th July 2011 by Anon
    I do know that, but the country of Morocco's religion is Islam and Islamic countries do want women to cover their hair. The Koran tells them to. I wasn't saying she was going to be jailed or even killed because of it, but I was surprised no one asked her to cover her hair while she was there. Yes, I do know the difference between Morocco and countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.
  • 24th May 2011 by Eibhlinn Savage
    She was in Morocco, not in Iran or Saudi Arabia. There is no law there that says women have to cover their hair and a great many women don't. And tourists definitely aren't expected to. You know "Islamic countries" isn't a single country with a single culture and set of laws, right?
Last Samurai, The
Gatling guns fire self-guiding rounds and need not be aimed.
(1) Comments
  • 29th June 2011 by Anon
    It was like taking a single picture from one angle of an F-1 race and somehow getting every car in that single shot!
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The Spanish will make that long, hard trip to the fountain of youth just to destroy it in the name of God because "only God can give eternal life."
(2) Comments
  • 31st May 2011 by Anon
    To me it just felt like they made a movie to simply make a movie, so plot points really weren't important.
  • 23rd May 2011 by Khenarthi
    I wondered about that, too.

(4) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    Lol SomeGuy! But I just recently learned that weeks of heavy exercise can make it go away, as well as loss of fat. That's what happens to a lot of women in boot camp. So technically, this movie was still pretty accurate about that!
  • 22nd January 2010 by Anon
    Growing up in a house of boys, I can attest that if no one tells you anything, you know jack all about girl biology. They probably just thought she was showing off how tough she could be or something?
  • 12th January 2010 by Anon
    Good entry lol.
  • 13th December 2009 by Ryuuko
    Wow.. I never thought about that....
It's probably not a good idea to go into Cobb's subconscious basement.
(2) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    It sure didn't.
  • 30th November 2010 by AHA
    I hear you man.........that elevator doesn't look very secure to me
Matrix, The
Philosophy teachers do not like this movie.
(5) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    I think it's split between teachers.
  • 10th November 2010 by AKenjiB
    That's not true. I had to watch it at my school to learn about the film's philosophy.
  • 18th February 2010 by Anon
    Yeah I've read those books, and you would THINK they would love it, but they really don't. They say it's just entertainment, and the only reason they added those references was to make a movie. I put this up to warn potential victims of philosophy teachers hehe. I for one really loved the philosophy in this movie and was actually very obsessed with this movie for a long time. I'm still kinda, sorta, obsessed with it...
  • 21st December 2009 by Anon
    Actually there are books that talk about how the directors added religious references on purpose. So in theory a Philosophy teacher should love it.... Neo is soooo totally Jesus.
  • 19th December 2009 by Anon
    Seriously. O_O
Matrix, The
Dodging bullets in slow motion is the ONLY way to dodge bullets.
(2) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
  • 10th November 2010 by AKenjiB
    Well right before Neo dodged bullets, he was shooting at the agent. The agent also dodged the bullets and it wasn't in slow motion
Healing hair does not grant super-strength.
(1) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    I think I see where you're coming from...
A bunch of ruffians are all just dreamers.
(2) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    In the movie, I think Flynn describes one of the guys as a ruffian lol.
  • 21st December 2010 by Anon
    I like that "ruffian" is the first word we all went with to describe those guys.
A king and queen won't have any more children after their daughter goes missing for 18 years.
(3) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    Possibly...or they just couldn't have children again. Either way, no more kids.
  • 31st December 2010 by Anon
    I suppose . . . she almost died the LAST time they had a child, and they don't have any more magical sun flower water for her this time around?
  • 6th December 2010 by Hayleychaotix
    I was thinking about that during the movie, but I thought I might just be insensitive.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
If you lose an ear, you're a saint. 'Cause you're holy for it. Get it?
(3) Comments
  • 24th March 2011 by Anon
    That's too bad.
  • 8th January 2011 by Muse
    No, I don't get it.
  • 20th November 2010 by Anon
    That's terrible and I love it.
Mechanic, The
Also, if you feel bad about leaving after a one night stand, give her a dog.
(2) Comments
  • 7th March 2011 by Anon
    I was wondering the same thing... O.O
  • 2nd February 2011 by AshBlaze
    The money I could see, but where did he hide that thing all night?
"12345" is the combination on President Skroob's luggage.
(1) Comments
  • 4th February 2011 by Anon
    Voting this one up because it needs to be placed directly beneath its twin.

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