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A trillion dollar mission, the lives of the entire crew, the success of the entire mission, and the ship's well being. All of these things based on one fact, that a single man-made android didn't malfunction or break during the humans two-year hyper sleep.
(1) Comments
  • 19th June 2015 by Xynauzer
    Just disappointing...So fragile
If Calloway was white, Shaw was white, the engineer was really white. How did the alien turn black?
(3) Comments
  • 9th December 2014 by IndigoBalls
    It cheated with Janek somehow
  • 25th September 2012 by catmunch1
  • 16th July 2012 by catmunch
    Maybe the captain was hitten with shaw too!
The scientist lady cries about not being able to get pregnant. When she finally gets pregnant, she has an abortion! Go figure.
(2) Comments
  • 4th August 2014 by catmunch1
    That's just racist, what you got against squids!
  • 30th July 2014 by smartguy360
    squid baby doesn't count
The floating, flying, mapping orbs seemed a little too advanced even for this future. Nothing else in the movie had anti-gravity technology. The promethius used rockets to land. Even the engineer's ship used rockets. They got around in wheeled vehicles. The scientist in the movie claimed to have invented the floating orbs. Wow, he discovered ant-gravity and engineless propulsion. He kept one heck of a secret. He should have been the richest man in the world!
(4) Comments
  • 13th December 2012 by photogamer
    They had artificial gravity on the ship, did they not?
  • 2nd July 2012 by catmunch
    My first thought when I saw the movie is how did he get lost?
  • 2nd July 2012 by bourbonphantom
    I also thought the same thing about the holographic rubix cube.
  • 2nd July 2012 by bourbonphantom
    Yeah that's a bad mistake to make in a scifi. I think they could have closed that WTF gap if they gave the orbs some obvious propulsion characteristics. Like smoke or propellers or something. Still doesn't offset the fact that the owner/inventor isn't able to use their survey data to navigate himself out of a cave that has very few intersections.
In order for Shaw to access the surgery room and make her own custom caesarian, she had to hit 2 other crew-members on the head with a blunt metal object. Those two crew-members will 2 hours later join Shaw for another mission in the alien cavern and none of them will ever mention that Shaw used to have an alien baby in her stomach, that they were savagely attacked, or that they can’t walk straight anymore since their brains started to leak from their nostrils.
(2) Comments
  • 16th August 2012 by agentdc7
    Really shitty writing or a whole bunch (and I mean a lot) of missing scenes.
  • 10th July 2012 by bourbonphantom
    I know that in the theatrical release of Alien, Ridley Scott took out a scene where Lambert slaps Ripley after they get back from the alien ship. Wanted there to be an unspoken tension between the two. I was going to say this was a similar thing but I think it's really just shitty screenwriting.
Do the xenomorphs breathe oxygen? It only has two years to survive in the life boat.
(1) Comments
  • 6th July 2012 by bourbonphantom
    No, they do not appear to need oxygen. In both Alien and Aliens, a xenomorph is ejected into space with no apparent consequences.
Why was the engineers' space craft hidden underground? Who were they hiding from?
(1) Comments
There was a crew of 17 people on the ship. What happened to the rest of the poeple? Was Jose and Leroy cleaning the kitchen before they died in the ship ramming?
(1) Comments
  • 14th June 2012 by bourbonphantom
    Hahahahah, wow that's awesome. Maybe they died in the director's cut.

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