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Iron Man 2
"Crossing the streams" solves all epic problems.
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  • 22nd May 2010 by agentdc7
    I was totally thinking of that quote when I saw that part.
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Posted, 18th May 2010
by agentdc7
Batman & Robin
Bat-ass isn't equal to badass.
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  • 15th March 2010 by Anon
    Out of all the terrible puns in the actual movie, this one that you just made is the one that made me laugh.
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Posted, 14th March 2010
by agentdc7
Running Man, The
It's a good thing Arnie didn't kill you too. Or rape you then kill you. Or kill you then rape you. I mean a guy like that, what would stop him?
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    Posted, 20th January 2010
    by agentdc7

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