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It pays to carry extra ammo on you that the Sarge doesn't know about.
(1) Comments
  • 12th November 2014 by agentdc7
    I love that scene.
Iron Man 2
You can survive your spine being twisted 180 degrees.
(1) Comments
  • 3rd September 2012 by TheGnome
    Of course he can he is a Hardy american Marine!!!
Advertising your super alter ego on My Space is not a good idea.
(2) Comments
  • 16th August 2012 by bourbonphantom
    That's right! Did we all forget about Friendster?
  • 16th August 2012 by Movie Genius
    MySpace??? Why MySpace???
If you want to get the girl of your dreams pretend to be gay then one night crawl through her window as your super alter ego and tell her you're a super hero and not gay, she'll freak out at first but then she'll screw your brains out FTW.
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Always leave one person on the starship you never know what could go wrong.
(1) Comments
  • 5th January 2012 by bourbonphantom
    Yeah at the very least they could send down some nukes.
Iron Man 2
Lt. Col Rhodes can't just have one gun he wants it all.
(1) Comments
  • 17th May 2010 by kvn8907
    Even the small guns which would be completely ineffective on metal suits, and just take up space. If the CEO of Hammer industries offered him a crossbow and a stone club, would he take that too?

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