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Starship Troopers
Having a prosthetic arm gives you the ability to fire continuously without reloading.
(1) Comments
  • 5th August 2014 by smartguy360
    the arm automatically transfers rounds into the gun
Pacific Rim
Having a hull of solid pure metals is better than having alloys. After all, iron alloys don't rust (but pure iron does), and who doesn't like a heavier, rust-prone Jaegers hitting the OCEANS
(2) Comments
  • 19th May 2014 by bigred3002
    I never understood that either. Pure iron is pretty brittle.
  • 18th April 2014 by kvn8907
    But pure is always better...right?
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Cops in cop cruisers will never be able to evade each other and always wreck their cars.
(1) Comments
  • 3rd January 2012 by bourbonphantom
    BTW can you add this learning to all other movies with cop car chases?

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