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San Andreas
A half-black, half-Samoan man can give birth to a 100% white daughter.
(3) Comments
  • 30th October 2015 by Moloch
    I guess if the wife is Italian, the daughter could also be.
  • 10th July 2015 by Riyter
    Not genetically possible . Hollywood believes audiences will only be concerned about blonde children.
  • 4th July 2015 by smartguy360
    maybe he was a white guy with as tan, or her genes were just stronger than his
Fast Five
American women from jersey can speak fluent Portuguese upon sneaking into that country .
(1) Comments
  • 2nd June 2013 by Riyter
    I should add, upon sneaking into brazil! And I just accidentally gave myself a negative vote because I can't type on an iPhone-- hilarious!

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