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Tron: Legacy
Olivia Wilde lives inside your PC.
(1) Comments
  • 12th July 2016 by Garga
    Don't know about her, but a lot of porn actresses definitely live there.
Monsters vs Aliens
Men are scared by giant women who are stronger than them.
(2) Comments
  • 15th June 2016 by Garga
    Well, being big and strong has it's perks but women actually needn't to be big and strong to be scary...
  • 12th March 2010 by ekedolphin
    Men are scared by regular-sized women who are stronger than them, too.
Point Break (2015)
The US and Venezuela don't have an extradition treaty. Any criminal can flee there and become free.
(2) Comments
  • 7th June 2016 by Garga
    Well, it's unbelievably beautiful, one, and two, as the movie said no extradition! And they do just fine if the US stops meddling in their affairs. Vote responsibly!!
  • 7th May 2016 by john2012
    Why would anyone want to go to Venezuela. They can only keep the power on two days a week. Like how the US will be if we elect a Socialist Leader
Olympus Has Fallen
The "Democratic" "People's" "Republic" of Korea is to be taken seriously! And they have the grass-fed, goose-stepping troops to prove it! They might even have cracked the incredible power of the Famicom(NES) in recent years!
(2) Comments
  • 2nd June 2016 by Garga
    Yes! Nuke the entire country and all her 25 million miserable population. After all, they're all sub-humans aren't they? You're so merciful... Just don't forget other non human countries like Iran. Russia, Syria and maybe China.
  • 6th September 2013 by Loyd Mongo
    Fuck Kim Il-Sung and his degenerate offspring and legacy! Might be best to nuke the entire shit hole of a country. It would let those miserable human beings finally rest in peace.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
"Wolfie" is a terrible name for a dog. And Terminators are terrible at making up names.
(2) Comments
  • 31st May 2016 by Garga
    Come on, it's still better than to name your dog: Doggie! I read somewhere it was James Cameron's dog's name, the same barking dog we see in the movie at the motel.
  • 30th September 2013 by hustyx
    Well, whaddyaknow, T-1000 was stupid enough to fall for it. How convenient.
Independence Day
Fire does not consume oxygen. So the next time there is fireball coming your way, there is hope after all. Hide in a closet. You won't suffocate, and the heat won't get you, either.
(1) Comments
  • 19th May 2016 by Garga
    You may add to your knowledge that hiding in a ''Lead-Lined'' fridge also saves your life in case of a nuclear blast. Now you know all there's to know.
The Revenant
If you find someone trying to kill your father, don't shoot him. First, get as close as possible and try to reason with him.
(1) Comments
  • 19th April 2016 by Garga
    And remember to shout for help from another scrawny kid because he's great help.
World War Z
A bite can turn a person into a Zombie in 10 seconds flat.
(1) Comments
  • 16th March 2016 by Garga
    Unless you are in South Korea which turning takes 10 minutes.
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The
A papercut can almost get you killed if you're surronded by vamps, but, hum, "womanly problems" go unnoticed.
(1) Comments
  • 16th February 2016 by Garga
    I read somewhere that they save and dry them "womanly problems" pads for later use as a ''tea bag''.
Lone Ranger, The
Whenever and wherever Tom Wilkinson goes, he'll eventually bump into some kind of masked vigilante.
(1) Comments
  • 6th February 2016 by Garga
    Batman, fat Green Hornet and now the Lone Ranger.
Amazing Spider-Man, The
Where does spiderman keep his backpack and cell phone?
(1) Comments
  • 4th December 2015 by Garga
    Don't know about any backpacks, but apparently he keeps his cellphone up his arse.
Red Tails
Italian Mamas give their blessing to the first stranger knocking on their door to bang their daughter as long as he's black.
(1) Comments
  • 23rd November 2015 by Garga
    I'm such a racist pig...
Man of Steel
Superman has X-ray vision but still needs to verify Ma Kent's presence by shouting "Mom?!" through the front door.
(1) Comments
  • 15th November 2015 by Garga
    That's because he respects other people's privacy. What if they're naked?!
Pacific Rim
Americans always save the world.
(3) Comments
  • 12th April 2015 by Garga
    Don't forget that they achieve it by using their good NUKEs while coward Brits wanted to hide behind the walls.
  • 7th August 2014 by catmunch1
    Wil Smith??? lol
  • 19th October 2013 by Creamlord666
    Correction: White, healthy and handsome US-Americans always save the world.
The alien Sally is a sexist, Jack get's out to have all the fun and Victoria has to sit at home.
(1) Comments
  • 2nd April 2015 by Garga
    She is indeed. Didn't you see all Viki's clones she hanged upside down inside the Tet?
All the living men left on Earth get a Victoria for a wife, there should be thousands wondering around on Earth after Sally got destroyed.
(1) Comments
  • 2nd April 2015 by Garga
    That can lead to a fantasy involving twins or triplets or... Shit! I do sound like a pervert, don't I?
Living Daylights, The
There's a place in Pakistan 325 km from Islamabad and 200 km from Karachi.
(1) Comments
  • 1st April 2015 by Garga
    They have a distance about 1400 km from each other.
If you do not accept gays, they won't harass you, won't attack you or come to your workplace so you lose your job, none of that. They'll only hang from your balls and cut themselves open in front of you so you feel their pain.
(1) Comments
  • 28th February 2015 by Garga
    ...hang YOU from your balls... Damn! how can I edit my posts?
There are no horses.
(1) Comments
  • 28th February 2015 by Garga
    Dude do you copy the quotes and trivia from IMDB here? Fantastic!
Iron Man 2
James Rhodes sure looks different.
(1) Comments
  • 19th February 2015 by Garga
    I wonder what was his wife's reaction?
Green Lantern
Green is the color of the will - but my mom always says "he turned green with envy"...that kinda makes me wonder.
(1) Comments
  • 17th December 2014 by Garga
    Apparently it's also the colour of sea-sickness. True story!
If you renovate your sister in law's kitchen during your brother's, be damn sure he'll accuse you about sleeping with his wife upon his return.
(1) Comments
  • 14th December 2014 by Garga
    Anybody knows how to edit a post here? The word Absence is absent in this post: ...during your brother's absence,...
Wrath of the Titans
There are actually some women in the world who do not care about neither money nor power and prefer their husbands become fishermen instead of ruling gods.
(1) Comments
  • 28th November 2014 by Garga
    That's absolutely true, but they have to be ageless/immortal to do that!
Clash Of The Titans
The Djinn, from a race that resembles Middle Easterns, was a suicide bomber......seriously!?
(1) Comments
  • 28th November 2014 by Garga
    He speaks Arabic for authenticity too.
Clash Of The Titans
Medusa was actually pretty hot. I guess that's why all those guys turned to stone.
(1) Comments
  • 28th November 2014 by Garga
    I too started to turn to stone, starting from a particular part... I'm cured now.

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