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The most suitable name you can give a resource you want , which is very hard to obtain and commands a high price is Unobtainium
(4) Comments
  • 28th July 2013 by Creamlord666
    Was once used in the movie "The Core" too. Looks like it isnt so difficult to obtain at all!
  • 26th July 2011 by kvn8907
    Hey, it could be Stupidnamium or Robertium!
  • 29th June 2011 by Random
    Yeah it's basically a science fiction meme. He didn't name it that because he couldn't come up with any better ideas.
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    Unobtainium is a reference to a fictional material. See the Wikipedia entry for it.
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Posted, 22nd December 2009
by uday

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