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District 9
Extra-terrestrials,who otherwise walk around in the nude and display signs of barbarism are actually more intelligent than a rocket-scientist and have an array of hi-tech gadgets at their disposal.
(2) Comments
  • 17th January 2012 by agentdc7
    What he said.
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    The intelligent alien was only one of them; the others were brutish worker bees, akin to most ants in a colony.
District 9
South African gangs think it's good business to amass a collection of alien weapons that none of them can use.
(1) Comments
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    They knew there was ongoing research into how the weapons could be used; and the aliens wanted them too. Two reasons to get the weapons.
You can a light a match on fire in the middle of the jungle where there is no oxygen on the planet for humans to be able to breathe on.
(1) Comments
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    There might be not *enough* oxygen for humans. After all, humans have masks with filters, but no air cylinders, which suggests that there is oxygen in the atmosphere, but also some other gases or particulates that need to be filtered out.
The most suitable name you can give a resource you want , which is very hard to obtain and commands a high price is Unobtainium
(4) Comments
  • 28th July 2013 by Creamlord666
    Was once used in the movie "The Core" too. Looks like it isnt so difficult to obtain at all!
  • 26th July 2011 by kvn8907
    Hey, it could be Stupidnamium or Robertium!
  • 29th June 2011 by Random
    Yeah it's basically a science fiction meme. He didn't name it that because he couldn't come up with any better ideas.
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    Unobtainium is a reference to a fictional material. See the Wikipedia entry for it.
Exactly how many movies did Cameron rip off? Let's see. "Dances with Wolves", "Jurassic Park", "Top Gun", "Braveheart", "Pocahontas", and "Waterworld" Did I miss any?
(4) Comments
  • 17th May 2010 by ZOOTSUTRA
    @Freeman Princess Mononoke, and also Nausicaa while we're at it.
  • 17th January 2010 by lazy
    the last rain forest
  • 13th January 2010 by dandv
    This is not phrased as a "thing I learned"
  • 11th January 2010 by Freeman
    Princess Konoko, or something like that. Uhmm... and Battle for Terra

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