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Book Of Eli, The
Humans walk an average of 3 miles an hour, or 1 mile every 20 minutes. With 1 mile having 5,280 feet, this would mean that Eli only spent 5 minutes a day walking west.
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  • 11th February 2010 by Sassy
    Oh yeah very true!
  • 2nd February 2010 by Sassy
    Ugh! I was trying 2 vote up and my hand slipped, there has gotta be a way 2 correct that. Contrary 2 my vote I think this is a great learning!
  • 2nd February 2010 by Sassy
    That is hillarious when u think about it, that doesn't make Eli amazing at all.
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Posted, 2nd February 2010
by teakan

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