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Bad Boys 2
Saying "Woosah" will calm you in any situation.
(1) Comments
  • 6th November 2010 by avalanche719
    you have to massage and twist your ears as well to get the full effect haha
Just because you buy a chick dinner doesn't mean she will invite you in.
(1) Comments
Survival of the Dead
It's fun to fish for Zombies!
(1) Comments
  • 29th September 2010 by avalanche719
    Until one sneaks up behind you!
What you see in the trailer and what you get in the movie are two different things (scene with a whole bunch of predator lasers on the main guy was never in the movie)
(2) Comments
  • 28th September 2010 by Goose
    I know. It's only one laser sight in that shot in the movie. Lame
  • 22nd September 2010 by avalanche719
    Totally thought there was going to be an even Human to Predator ratio because there were like 10 laser sights.
If a monster just attacked New York and you've got a new job waiting for you in Japan, you're experience will be valuable because Godzilla is waiting there for you.
(1) Comments
Live Free or Die Hard
The best way to steal a BMW is to cry to the On Star lady that your dad's dying. Then read out the name off of the insurance card conveniently stashed in the glove box to her.
(1) Comments
  • 20th September 2010 by avalanche719
    Even if you butcher the name horribly haha
If they don't understand you twice in Spanish, say it in English.
(2) Comments
  • 20th September 2010 by avalanche719
    Hahah totally forgot about that! Nice!
  • 19th September 2010 by agentdc7
    McTierman did that too in Die Hard "Shoot the glass!"
I, Robot
Robotics engineers have a hard time explaining things in laymen's terms, which is why they are not marketing execs.
(1) Comments
Vampires Suck
They'll give the only funny part away in the trailer, thus removing my reason to see the film.
(3) Comments
  • 25th August 2010 by avalanche719
    That seems to be the trend with these spoof movies.
  • 22nd August 2010 by NateSean
    Eh, it was the Jacob Edward girls for me, but yeah, Grayfire's was good too.
  • 22nd August 2010 by ryan corderman
    Holy shit there was funny parts in that trailer?!?!?!?
As you go deeper into your dream levels, you'll finally get to reenact the arctic/snow level from COD:MW 2
(3) Comments
  • 8th April 2011 by Andershp
    Thought it also when I saw it in the cinema
  • 14th December 2010 by hautefixed
    That was the first thing out of my husband's mouth when that scene came on.
  • 9th August 2010 by avalanche719
    Haha that's what I thought the whole time!
Once you go black YOU GO FUCKING CRAZY!
(1) Comments
New Daughter, The
I'm going to start a teen girl delivery service because apparently teen girls can move every piece of furniture in a house and stack it with no problem, then I can pay them minimum wage and make bank.
(3) Comments
  • 13th July 2010 by avalanche719
    lol thanks!
  • 12th July 2010 by Beckaarose
    That's a good idea. I think I might do that. P.S. You leave the funniest "learnings"
  • 12th July 2010 by Beckaarose
    That's a good idea. I think I might do that. P.S. You leave the funniest "learnings"
Rampage (2009)
When going on a rampage, be sure to stop at the chicken shack to kill the waitress who spilled water all over you.
(2) Comments
  • 12th July 2010 by avalanche719
    Oooh shit, now that makes total sense! I thought he did it because she spilled water on him. Whoops
  • 11th July 2010 by derptard
    He only killed the waitress to fit the story that his friend did it. When he was at the restaurant he tried to calm his friend down, but his friend was all mad about it.
Righteous Kill
Apparently getting shot the tenth time wasn't so lucky for 50
(1) Comments
American History X
Head + Boot + Curb = PRISON
(2) Comments
  • 8th June 2010 by avalanche719
    Or Head/(Boot + Curb) = Prison, he's head was "divided" haha!
  • 5th June 2010 by TiffYG2133
    aww... now that I look at it it should be - Head + Boot ÷ Curb = PRISON
Starship Troopers
Uh oh, my coffee is acting trippy, I must be by a black hole!
(2) Comments
  • 17th April 2013 by randy
    you can edit you learnings, you know
  • 27th May 2010 by avalanche719
    my bad, I meant astroid.
If a woman is nonresponsive, wheezing and drooling, while watching static on her TV, just go over and bring her around all your other friends. She's probably just lonely.
(1) Comments
Starship Troopers
You can still be alive if you are reported KIA.
(1) Comments
  • 24th May 2010 by avalanche719
    Even when you're the only trooper hooked up to a life support system in the middle of some huge building.
Losers, The
Saudi arms dealers don't have private security of their own.
(2) Comments
  • 18th May 2010 by avalanche719
    Yeah, you're right, I remember him mocking their accents. Whoops.
  • 15th May 2010 by Tycosauce
    I don't think the arms dealers were Saudi's, i belive they were Indian.
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
If a whole group of people kill a man, they will be investigation or charges filed.
(2) Comments
  • 3rd May 2010 by Sassy
    If u click on the learning itself, u'll be able 2 edit and save the changes.
  • 3rd May 2010 by avalanche719
    *there will be NO investigation or charges filed
Always say a cool catchphrase before using a bazooka.
(2) Comments
  • 16th August 2012 by Max
    Like Chuck Norris in "Invasion: USA" It's tiiiiiiime
  • 27th April 2010 by avalanche719
    Of course! That's the rules.
Return of the Jedi was just a bunch of muppets.
(2) Comments
  • 29th March 2010 by avalanche719
    Yeah I saw that after I posted, my bad man
  • 21st March 2010 by NateSean
    I all ready said that one.
Jurassic Park 3
A twelve year-old in an island full of dinosaurs will last longer than guys armed to the teeth with every firearm that can be legally or illegally obtained.
(1) Comments
  • 29th March 2010 by avalanche719
    The guys with the guns didn't even try to fight back, what a waste of equipment!

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